3 Day Potty Training: Is It Possible?

I'm sure you have come across 3 day potty training methods that promise to potty train your child in 3 days. But you wonder if such methods are just gimmicks. Same here! When I started potty training my daughter, she was such a hard case. I started looking into all of these methods, programs, and books. I was so desperate and wanted a quick fix. "Only 3 days!" I thought... that's awesome! 

But which program or book do I choose? There are so many out there that promise different things. They all differ in how they approach potty training. My daughter was so scared of the potty, and stubborn at the same time. So I had to find a program that was going to consider her temperament and fears. So I decided to do what any good blogger would do. I decided to review some of these popular programs. For myself, and my readers...you're welcome!

First let's answer the question, "Can I potty train my child in 3 days?"

Well that depends on how you define potty train. If you mean that your child will be completely accident free after 3 days, then the answer is NO. And any program that promises you that, you should definitely stay away from. Your child will have accidents and that is completely normal. 

3 day potty training, potty training tips, potty training in 3 days, potty training, how to potty train boys, potty train in 3 days, potty training boys, potty training help, how to potty trainIf you think that your child will be diaper free at nighttime after only 3 days, then the answer is also a resounding NO!  Being able to hold urine in during the night is a developmental thing. Your child's bladder has to signal the brain and wake her up. That is something that happens with age. This is not something you can train or control. Sure a few lucky parents will take away diapers during the day, and their child will stay dry at night too. But those are a lucky few, and usually the ones that start potty training late, meaning the child has already achieved that physiological development. 

Now if you define potty training as your child being able to control pee or poop and let it go in potty or toilet. You expect a few accidents here and there, and you don't think night-time control is a prerequisite. Then YES, it is possible to potty train in 3 days. 

Now let's talk about the different methods and programs out there.

Keep in mind that they all have pretty much the same concept. Which is that you get rid of diapers, devote yourself to at least 3 days of stay at home potty training, and not use pull-ups to sabotage the process. So I will discuss the main differences between them.

#1 Pick
Start Potty Training Program, by Carol Cline Out of all the programs I have reviewed, this one is my favorite. This program is created by a mother of 4, and daycare owner who has tons of experience with potty training toddlers. In this program, Carol teaches you an easy to follow method of potty training, with no pressure to nighttime train. What I love is that she covers a variety of topics. She talks about differences between training boys and girls. She has special sections in the program for special needs children (autism, down syndrome etc). There is a section especially for twins/multiples, and older children who may be more difficult to train. The best part of this program is the "bumps in the road" section, which every potty training parent will face during potty training. In this section she addresses fear of pooping, wetting the bed, tantrums, regression and so much more. She also teaches you how to handle outings to places like the mall, fairs, pools, and even airplane travels. I also love the fact that you can ask her questions when they come up during the training process (and trust me, your always going to have questions). Carol offers a "lifeline" where you can reach her directly, with any unique questions you may have. The personal consultations is what had me sold.  This program goes way beyond a quick 3 day potty training method, Carol Cline literally helps you through EVERYTHING. There isn't a topic that she doesn't cover. You are truly getting your money's worth. That is why I recommend this program above any other. Don't be discouraged by the gimmicky sales page. The site could use a little work in the marketing department. I bet many parents are turned off by the silly video. But if you overlook that, it's a really great program. Here are some more features of the Start Potty Training Program

No-Sweat Potty Training, by Dana Obleman- This is another popular potty training program. And as most of the other programs, you ditch the diapers, offer tremendous praise and rewards for success. The main difference with this program is that your child is allowed to wear diapers at night. Dana considers daytime and nighttime training as two separate entities. Dana says "you should also understand (and let your child know) that he’ll still be using diapers at nighttime, and that nighttime diapers are OK — even for big kids! (The fact is that bladder control at night takes longer to master.)" This alone is a huge plus in my book. I need a program that's going to offer a realistic method and approach, not a quick gimmick. What I also like about Dana Obleman is that you can get lots of freebies right from her site. Useful information that may answer your questions, before you even decide to purchase the program. For example, right now you can get a free PDF where Dana talks about potty training myths, and gives you tips on how to potty train. Here it is.

3 day Potty Training by, Lora Jensen. A program that quickly gained popularity (I'm guesing it has something to do with title). The gist of this program is that you take away all diapers, put on underwear, and don't ever revert back to diapers. You offer liquids and high fiber foods. And you praise and reward your child for using the potty. It's a pretty simple program, straight forward and easy to follow. There are a few things I didn't like. First Lora has you refer to accidents as "yucky" or "pew". Now my little girl had a very bad fear of "letting it go". (you can read about that HERE) Amongst all my research, I learned that kids with these fears usually view their "duty" as part of themselves and their body. In my opinion, the worst thing you can do is call "a part of your child's body", "yucky". That's a horrible idea, and will only make your child feel ashamed. The other thing that was a deal breaker was that Lora has you take away diapers, even at night-time. I agree taking them away during the day, but as I mentioned before night-time training is a developmental milestone, that matures with age. Lora says that if your child is at least 22 months old, they should be waking up dry and gives you a few different options of "nighttime training". I tried her method and it just didn't work. There is no way my 22 month old was going to stay dry at night. That is not something you can "train". She wet the bed over and over. When she woke up, the diaper had cold pee, and she had no idea she had done it. Meaning she did at some point during the night while she was asleep. Waking my daughter up from her sleep to take her potty just wasn't an option for us. And you can't really change things up either, Lora says you have to "follow the program to the T" for it to be successful.This program may work for others, but it didn't work for us.  

So there you have it! A quick guide to the most popular 3 day potty training programs that promise to potty train your child in a few days. If there are any you would like me to review that I haven't mentioned please leave me a comment below, and I will try my best to get a copy for review. 

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Potty Training Tips

Potty training has to be one of the most stressful things that a parent has to go through with their child. Especially if you have a stubborn, strong willed, or fearful child. To make things easier I have compiled some of my best potty training tips. Potty training is rarely a walk in the park. You have to know what you're doing, have a good plan in place, and stay committed to the potty training process. These potty training tips will definitely help get you started.

7 Potty Training Tips for Success

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Potty Training Tip #1

Start potty training early

There is a very broad age range for when a child is ready for potty training. This can be anywhere from 15 months up to 36 months. For some reason 22 months is the magic age. By 22 months most children are biologically, physically, and cognitively ready to be potty trained. And sometimes, it's hard to tell when your child is actually ready. He may like the potty, enjoy sitting on it, but just can't hold in the pee. So start early and if he's not ready, then try again in a couple of months. Many times parents are surprised at how young a child is capable of holding in their pee and poop. Another advantage of starting early is that you will get less resistance from your child. The older he gets, the more strong willed or stubborn he may become. Typically it gets more difficult to train a child over 2 years old. Have you heard of terrible two's? Yup, combine that with potty training and your in for a doozy. Also, as children get closer to 3 years old, they tend to develop new fears, and potty training a child that has a fear of the potty is NOT FUN. Trust me, I have been there. You can read my article on Potty Fears here.

Potty Training Tip #2

Potty train over the weekend

There's nothing more stressful than trying to potty train during the week when you have to work, run errands, do school runs etc. Commit to potty training over a long weekend, or when you know you will have time to stay home and focus on it. Don't make an already stressful situation, even more stressful by potty training in between a busy schedule. 

potty training tips, tips for potty training, how to potty train, 3 day potty training, potty training agePotty Training Tip #3

Have fun with it

Some parents make potty training so stressful, have fun with it! Your little one can sense your stress and tension. Which  makes them more stressed out. Have fun, relax, and just go with it. 

Potty Training Tip #4

Buy some great potty training visuals

Kids LOVE doing what other kids are doing. They also like to mimic their favorite cartoon characters So show your child some great videos on your smartphone or iPad. Get some fun dolls, or toys to explain. Talk about potty training. Again, have fun with it. Let this be a pleasurable experience for your child. 

Potty Training Tip #5

Ditch the training pants and pull-ups

Let's be serious, training pants and pull-ups are just going to be another place for your child to pee or poop in. It's that simple. Even though they are marketed wonderfully, pull-ups and training pants are horrible for potty training. Save yourself some major frustration, and just avoid the pull-ups. 

Potty Training Tip #6

Get a good book or guide to help you

What's the big deal with needing a little help? There's nothing wrong with that. Some of these 3 day potty training methods are great. Of course none of these programs are rocket science, but because they are laid out simply, and give you a step by step process of what to do, is exactly why so many parents are successful with these programs. My favorite is Start Potty Training.com. It literally lays out a step by step plan for you from day 1 to day 3. You know exactly what to do. It's my favorite 3 day potty training program of all because it's the only one that comes with a "bumps in the road section" that you refer to with all of your questions. Seriously, there isn't a topic that this section doesn't cover. You won't have to google anything else (even though I enjoy you visiting my site), you will have everything in a short and simple, step by step guide. For me, it's a no brainer, for $20-30 bucks you will have everything you need to potty train in 3 days. 

Potty Training Tip #7

Stay committed

This is one my most important potty training tips. I think this goes without saying, that if you are not 100% committed to potty training, it's not going to work. You have to be committed, and be able to deal with a few rough days. 

So there you have it, some of my best potty training tips. What are some of your favorite potty training tips?

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5 Most Common Potty Training Mistakes

Let's face it, potty training is probably one of the hardest things you are going to face with your toddler or preschooler. If you found this page, you have most likely been googling this potty training topic for a while, and weren't as lucky as the mom at playgroup who claims "he just potty trained himself". There are a million tips out there on how to potty train your child, and all the information is pretty much the same. So instead, let's talk about the possible mistakes you could be making during potty training. Because in my opinion when it comes to potty training, there is a lot more you can be doing wrong, than doing right, that may be the cause of unsuccessful potty training. Here are the most common mistakes parents make when beginning potty training.
potty training tips, potty training, potty train in 3 days, 3 day potty training, potty training 3 days, how to potty train1. Potty Training when your child is not ready.
If you want potty training to be successful, then your child has to be ready. Potty training a 15 month old and wondering why he or she is not getting it, is frustrating for both you and your child. I have seen 15 month month olds potty trained, but it's not very common. Most children are ready at 22 months of age, so trying before then may be a challenge. 
2. Allowing diapers to be worn "sometimes".
This is a huge no no. If you have made the commitment to potty train your child, then you have to make a promise not to revert back to diapers. No matter what! What kind of message are you sending your child if you expect him to use the potty, but slap on a diaper when you have to go to out? There are plenty of options for outings during training, if you absolutely have to go out. You can get a travel seats that fold in your purse  and even piddle pads for carseats (pictured below)

3. Going out during training.
If you don't have to go out, then don't. Make a commitment to stay home. Potty training is no joke! and treating it as such will lead to failure. If you are serious about this, then you have to commit to a long weekend or do it during a time that you can stay home. The first couple of days you are going to have major accidents, so it is best to be home. It's easier for you and it's less stressful for your little one.
4. Not trying long enough
A lot of parents get frustrated after a day or 2 of messy floors, constipation, accidents, etc. I know, because I was one of those parents. Some children may need a little more time. It took my daughter 5 days to be pee trained, and 7 to be poop trained. If I gave up after a the first EXTREMELY horrible 3 days, she wouldn't be potty trained right now. Give your child at least a week. It usually doesn't take any longer than that.
5. Not getting help, when it's not working.
This is a biggie. Many parents just keep trying over and over, and potty training continues to be a massive fail. Some kids are more stubborn than others. Some are defiant or just really afraid of the potty. With these kids, the traditional potty training tips are just not going to work. Bare bottom methods, or forcing your child to potty train may be traumatic for a child that has such fears. Knowing how to respond to these types of situations, will be crucial to your success. If you have tried potty training on your own and have been unsuccessful then I would recommend a good book or guide. There is nothing wrong with getting a book with tips, a program, guide etc. There is a reason these things are available, because not all children are easy to train, and sometimes without help or guidance you will just keep facing the same road blocks. I suggest getting something that is going to give you a step by step process. My favorite is the "Start Potty Training" program. Here is my review of it, as well as other popular 3 day potty training programs.

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Potty Training Problems & Road Blocks

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My child refuses to sit on the potty
Getting your child to sit on the potty is the first step to potty training. However, for some this is a lot easier said than done. First you will have to figure out why your child is refusing to sit on the potty. Is he afraid? Maybe he has no interest in the potty? Does have very little experience with the potty?
Try reading to your child, or showing him videos about the potty. I recommend Potty Power for Boys and Girls. Also, let him watch how you do it. The more he sees others do it, the more likely that he will want to try it himself.

My child is afraid of going poop
This is a biggie. Many children are extremely afraid of going poop. They will pee, but get extremely anxious or nervous about letting their poop go in the potty. I wrote a separate article that addresses Potty Fears.

My child is holding it in (pee or poop)
A child holding in their pee or poop can be a frustrating road block. I recommend lots of fluids and pears to prevent constipation. Pears seem to have a gentler "laxative-like" effect than prunes. When your child starts holding it in, it will take lot's of patience and encouragement on your part to help him go. Distracting him with an activity while on the potty helps too. There's a reason for inventions like the iPotty. This is a very common issue among potty training children.

My child won't go potty in public
So just when you have finally potty trained, you stumble upon a new road block. Your child refuses to go potty out in public. There's nothing more frustrating than that. Going to the potty may take some time, but in the meantime try your best to ease your child's fears. Bring some fun rewards and a portable potty training seat like this Mommy's Helper. Also, try taking your child on some "trial runs" like to a friend's or family members house. The more your child gets practice in other potties, the better he will get at this.

If your still having trouble, all of these topics are covered in depth in the Start Potty Training Program. There is a whole section called "Bumps in the Road", that is the best part of the program. There are always going to be variables that arise during training and this section will help you with every single one of these issues. I wrote a review about the program HERE. Good luck and happy potty training!

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Potty Fears and Tips

Fear of "Letting it Go"
potty training, potty training 3 days, potty train in 3 days, 3 day potty training, how to potty train boys, afraid of potty, holding in pee, holding in poopPoopFear of going poop on the potty is actually a very common fear. Many toddlers "hold in" their poop because they are afraid of letting it go. No one knows exactly why this happens but one theory is that toddlers think of their poop as part of their body, so they are afraid a piece of them will fall into the toilet or potty. This type of toddler will usually be upset or even sad rather than excited after pooping. He/she also will be reluctant to waving bye or flushing it.

Pee- Peeing on the potty is a little bit easier for a toddler to do than pooping, but for some there's still that fear of "letting it go". The same thing can be true as with poop, that they are afraid of losing a part of themselves. The feeling of letting it go into something other than a diaper, can be very scary. The diaper makes your toddler feel secure. Warm pee or mushy poop up against their butt is how they know to eliminate themselves. Now your asking child to just "let it go" into an open space.
That can be very frightening for a child.

  • Be very patient with a toddler who has a fear of peeing or pooping in the potty
  • If he/she doesn't want to do it, just back off for a while. Never force your toddler to go. You will learn quickly that this will only make things worse.
  • Offer lots of liquids. This has 3 benefits. First, it will obviously make your child want to go. Second, it will keep away UTI's. Lastly, it will keep the stools soft.
  • Watch for constipation. You may want to offer foods like prunes and pears to help your child go and to make the stools easier to pass. Enough of these fruits will make it almost impossible to keep the poop in. My daughter had a huge fear of pooping. She usually has at least 1 BM a day. When we started potty training she held it in. If  by the end of the 2nd day she still didn't go I would give her pears and within a half hour she went. Pears are gentler on the bowels than prunes and they still have the "laxative-like" effect. There's no way of stopping a poop like that, and it helps with potty training.
  • Talk and coach your child through it. My daughter had a fear of letting pee or poop go in the potty. I literally had to hug and hold her and gently whisper in her ear that it was going to be ok. I did this for days and within the first week her fear of peeing went away, and by the 2nd week the fear of pooping disappeared too. She is really good at it now, but still says "hold Mommy" when she needs to go. Hey if all I have to do is give her a hug while she's doing her duty, I'll take. You wouldn't believe how horrible things were when we first started.
  • Offer really awesome rewards. For a child with a big fear, he/she is going to need something a lot better than just a sticker. Potty training is extremely stressful for a child with a fear this strong, the incentive has to be a big one. We bought little toys from the dollar store. We had a stash in a drawer and she was so excited to get a new toy every time. Sometimes I gave her a small piece of chocolate (which is really a big treat, since she never gets that). Other times I gave her a popsicle. Your child has to feel, that this reward is really special.
  • Cut a hole in the diaper for the first few tries. It will make your child feel secure will "letting it go" in the potty.
  • When my daughter would hold in her pee for extended amount of time, naturally I was afraid of UTI's. So I put her on her potty and put her feet in a basin of luke-warm water. This gave her the sensation of going, and also distracted her enough so that she could relax. I know you probably don't want to keep pulling out a basin every time your child has to go. That is why I suggest you do this only for the first few times. Just to let your child know it is ok to let it go in the potty. This is also a good trick to use if your child has been holding it in for a very long time, and you don't want to revert back to diapers just so he/she can release it in there. 
  • Running water. Works like a charm for some kids, doesn't do a thing for others. But it's worth a try!

Fear of Potty Itself
A fear of the potty itself can be caused by many reasons. First and foremost it's an unfamiliar place for your child to do his/her duty. Your child is just not use to the idea of going pee or poop somewhere other than the diaper. Here are some other reasons:
  • Potty is hard or uncomfortable
  • Potty is unstable on the floor, or it moves around too much.
  • The opening is too big, so your child feels he/she will fall in.
  • Not the right potty for your child. Toddlers are picky and like to be in control, make sure you allow them to pick their own potty.

  • Read lots of books about the potty before you even have your child sit on it.
  • Buy some potty training dolls to practice with. They have them for boys and girls Here on Amazon.
  • Pick out a fun potty together. Make sure it's something your child really likes.
  • Decorate the potty together with stickers or write your child's name on it. 
Fear of Toilet
Some children can go on the potty but have a fear of an adult toilet. Sure, it's pretty intimidating. They could be afraid of how large it is, the loud flush, or think they are going to get sucked in. Regardless of why your child is afraid, you have to be very sensitive to his/her fears. 

  • If you are going to be potty training using a potty seat on top of the toilet, use books, toys, dvds to introduce the toilet.
  • Make sure you have a sturdy stool that your child can confidently step on. Make sure he/she can reach it while sitting on the toilet, this makes your child feel more secure.
  • Buy a fun potty seat but make sure it fits sturdy on your toilet. Any wiggle or movement can really scare a child that's already afraid of falling in.
     Fun Tricks
  • Use blue food coloring. When your child pees, it will turn green. This amazes some children so much, they want to keep peeing in it over and over.
  • Use "targets" such as cheerios. This works great for boys but also works for girls too.

Fear of Public Bathrooms
So now your toddler is potty trained but he is afraid of using public bathroom. Can you blame him? It's an intimidating place, with lots of unfamiliar faces, noise, and loud flushing noises. It is very common for children to be afraid of going in public restrooms. Not to mention the automatic flush situation, that can be traumatizing if your child is not prepared.

  • Before you go out in public with your potty training toddler, have him/her go in many different bathrooms that are not as scary as public bathrooms i.e. grandparents, relatives, or friends.
  • Have a few "practice runs", go somewhere for very short periods of time to see if your child is going to be able to hold it.
  • Bring a portable and foldable potty seat like this one when you go out. It folds up and easily fits in your bag.
  • Bring a portable potty or the Potette Plus.
  • Take your child's potty with you. Keep it in the car when he/she needs to go. Yes, that is my lovely daughter in the pic, in our car. I kept the potty in the trunk of our SUV. When she had to go I just put her right on it. Eventually we started using the foldable potty seat, but when we first started, bringing her own potty with us everywhere, was the key to her success. Yes we felt a little silly, but you have to do whatever it takes. After all, if your child is successfully potty trained, and rarely having accidents, that's huge! So who cares if you have to lug around a potty. No one said successful potty training is defined by the use of public restroom or toilets.
Potty training in 3 days
***If you are still having problems, have a difficult or stubborn child, or if your child's fear is very intense. I recommend looking into a potty training program. I highly recommend the "Start Potty Training Program". It's not too expensive, comes with a money back guarantee if it doesn't work, and is created by a real mom. I compared it to other 3 day potty training programs and wrote a full review HERE

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My Recommended Potty Training Items

*I have provided all the links to where you can find these items, if you simply click on the pictures*

The Potty:

Pick a potty that you think is going to work for your child. You can make a day out of it and have them pick it out. Maybe a favorite cartoon character, or something they really adore. We used the Fisher-Price Princess Potty because it plays a magical song every time she made a "deposit" and she loves it. It's also a very good and sturdy step stool, that can be used in the bathroom for washing hands. They also have a Prince Potty for boys and a ducky. These potties are a tad more expensive than other potties, but you get what you pay for.


Your going to have to make a vow not to ever bring diapers back (except maybe at night if  you choose) so you are going to need lots and lots of underwear, especially the first few days. Once again get something fun, like disney. This will get your child really excited about all of this.

Toys and books:
Your going to want to teach your toddler a little bit about potty training so I recommend a doll that you can demonstrate on, or some books that explain the process. The Big Girl Panties book is such a great book that helps get your little girl excited about wearing big girl undies "just like mommy". It's one of the best illustrated and most fun potty training books I've seen thus far. The rhymes are so great, fun, and catchy. Your toddler will love this! I think they may even have a boy version.


These FlattenMe books are really neat too. You can put your child's name and photo into the story. Your child will feel really special seeing themselves using the potty in a storybook.

personalized books, custom book, flattenme


We have a huge stash of stickers and small toys hidden in a drawer. My daughter absolutely loves getting a reward for using the potty. She gets so excited and is so proud of herself when she gets a special sticker or toy. It's a great incentive, especially for children that are afraid of using the potty. Here     are some cool rewards

The Program:

Let's get real...potty training is not easy!!! Chances are, if your having problems, your not going to be able to do it on your own. Not to mention if you don't know what your doing, trial and error will only confuse your child. I have done lots of reading and research and have been given the privilege to review some of these "programs" out there. Many of them give false promises, and promise you quick success not taking into account your child's fears, temperament, or attitude towards potty training. So the one that I recommend on my site is called The Start Potty Training Program. In my opinion, this is a must for potty training success. Here's the site

Travel Items:

So you decided to start potty training, and you realize that you can't be a prisoner in your own home. You have to go out in public, and there's bound to be a few accidents. Here are a few items you will need. Including a piddle pad for the car, a travel potty, foldable seat and disposable toilet seat covers.

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Baby Freebies

When someone has a new baby, believe it or not there are many companies out there that are eager to give away free baby stuff. Here are some of my favorites.

Mother's Lounge Freebies

This one is at the top my of my list. It's a carseat canopy. This probably one of the best freebies I got so far. You can use it in the winter, and it's not too thick for the summer. It's great to use when stepping out of the house to keep the sun out of your baby's eyes. It also prevents any drafts, rain, cold or heat from beaming on your baby. It also works great when your baby wants to take a nap in the carseat while you are out. It keeps it nice and dark in there. It comes in really stylish designs, and the material is what really makes this canopy great. The outside is 100% cotton but the inside is a very soft and snuggly, minky material. It is really nice! You can get one HERE. All you have to do is enter the code below. I think you still have to pay for the shipping, but trust me it is totally worth it. I was a little afraid at first, because I thought "A free canopy what's the catch?" but I'm glad I gave it a try. Now I notice so many people walking around with these. They have very distinct designs so I know they got it from the same place I did.

Carseat Canopy 300x250 PJBABY

The same company also makes a nursing cover, nursing pillow, baby sling, and baby leggings that you can also get for "free"(again, you might only have to pay a few dollars for shipping). I never got the sling but I did get the nursing cover. I used it for over a year for my first child, and now I'm using it for my second. It still looks great. It's super stylish, which I really like. The baby leggings are a new item. I was really excited about getting them, the designs are super cute. But last time I checked, though it's been a while, they were sold out.  They were offering 5 pairs for free (just pay for shipping) by using promo code FACEBOOK. Here's the site where you can find all of these products, it's called Mother's Lounge. I will be posting more freebies soon.

Exciting New Seven Slings Patterns!
Nursing Pillow 300x250
300x250 banner            Free BabyLeggings

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Temper Tantrums and Other Problem Behavior

Temper tantrums defined:

A temper tantrum is an episode of extreme anger or frustration, characterized by screaming, yelling, crying, kicking, throwing on the floor, and even head banging. Tantrums usually happen between the ages of 1 and 4. They slowly start to decrease after that unless the tantrums are not addressed. 

Why do they happen?

  • Illness
  • Hunger
  • Being Overtired
  • Inconsistent discipline
  • Not enough attention-Neglect
  • Parents being over-protective
  • Parents constantly saying "NO!" or criticizing 
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Interference with play or problem solving
  • Uncomfortable situations, places, or people
Imagine you're trying to figure something out like how to put your new bookcase together. You realize you put the wrong pieces together, after you have been working on it all day. You "lose it", and perhaps yell? throw the directions across the room? Swear? Well that's the adult version of a temper tantrum. Your toddlers are being faced with new challenges everyday. Sometimes they can handle them and sometimes they just "lose it". And how we handle these tantrums is crucial, one wrong move and it could be a catastrophe! And continued wrong moves, you could have a complete terror child on your hands.

Other problematic behavior:

  • Arguments
  • Fighting (kicking, punching, biting)
  • Persistent whining
  • Not listening
  • Refusing to do chores

What can you do?

Dana Obleman, creator of "The Sleep Sense Program" has come up with an awesome program for problem behavior. It's called Kids: The Manual. It's not only a book but also a video library and includes lots of valuable resources. In this program you will learn:

  • Why most temper tantrums are actually caused by parents - and how one simple change can virtually eliminate tantrums from your home once and for all!
  • How parents accidentally put their children on the defensive at the very beginning of the day… and the simple step to avoid it!
  • The unconscious communication mistakes that almost all parents make – but hardly ever recognize…
  • Secret weapons for making “transition times” a breeze. (Getting ready for school and getting ready for bed can be temper tantrums waiting to happen)
  • How to get siblings to solve most of their disagreements -without needing your help at all!
  • Why you might NOT want to use time-outs for children under the age of 3. (And how to get any child to stay in a time-out without a fuss!)
  • The unexpected benefits of sibling rivalry. (Also, how to deal with fights between brothers and sisters without hurting anyone’s self-esteem.)
  • The foolproof way to get your child to actually enjoy doing his chores… that works almost every time!
  • The REAL reason why kids don’t listen – and the simple switch you can make to solve this problem… once and for all!
  • The critical difference between a “consequence” and a “punishment.” (Plus, how to let “natural consequences” teach your children right from wrong… without having to say a word!)

Here's more information on Kids: The Manual


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Potty Training 101

So you have decided you have had enough of diapers, messy poop, and laundry due to spills. You want to potty train, but you have no idea where to get started. You have heard
horror stories from your friends and on baby forums. I know, I have been there. So lets talk about some potty training basics.

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When to start potty training?

Somewhere between 18 and 24 months (22 months is the magic number for most) You can start before then but your child may not be ready in terms of bowel and bladder control. They also may not have the physical and cognitive skills to take their pants off in time. 

What are some signs of potty training


  • Your toddler can stay dry for a 2 hour stretch and occasionally wakes up dry.
  • He can pull his pants down, or understand simple undressing.
  • Has regular predictable bowel movements.
  • Understands simple directions.
  • Can sit still for 2-5 minutes.
  • Understands bathroom lingo such as "pee" or "poop".
  • Shows interest in learning and is curious about your bathroom habits.
Here is a quiz you can take to see if your child is ready. You will get a report back within a minute. QUIZ

Potty training boys and girls. Is there a difference?
Yes there is a difference in potty training  boys and girls, for obvious reasons. There are some techniques and methods that work better for boys, and some work better for potty training girls. Carol Cline does an excellent job explaining this in her Start Potty Training Program.

So how do I start potty training?
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  • "Pre-train" your child for a couple of weeks before you start. Teach him about wiping, flushing, etc. Show him what a potty or toilet is, how and when to use it.
  • Get your child excited about potty training. Go pick out a special potty together. Let him know he will not be needing diapers any more.
  • Have a reward system ready. Whether it's stickers, songs, or a special toy that gets your child excited. Whatever it is, have it ready and make a big deal about it.

How do I tackle potty training?

Chances are if you have landed on my site, you are thinking about starting potty training or you have already started, and feel kind of lost. So I have put together an article that goes over some popular potty training methods, to guide you through the process. Check it out.

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